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- General Liability

What is General Liability Insurance?

If you’re asking yourself this question, chances are you are a business owner and/or operator. Although many Business Owner Policies (BOP) do include liability coverage, it is often not enough to cover the costs that can come along with liability issues. General Liability insurance protects businesses from lawsuits, claims, court costs, etc.

Do You Need General Liability Insurance?

A common misconception of General Liability Insurance is that you have to own a multi-million dollar company in order to purchase it; this is NOT the case. Every business should have additional liability coverage. All businesses are huge investments and should be protected from the damages of liability issues. General Liability Insurance covers the assets of a business when it is sued for injury, property damage, mistakes, etc. Basically, it protects the wellbeing of your business. Don’t Waste Another Second… Contact Eastern Insurors today for more information on General Liability Insurance. We are a business too, so we understand the importance of protecting everything you have worked so hard to build. Fill out our free quote form so we can best serve your business insurance needs