5 Tips for Finding Homeowners Insurance

May 12, 2021by BoldThemes

5 Tips for Finding Homeowner’s Insurance

There are many factors that can affect New Jersey Homeowner’s Insurance costs.  The most notable factors to consider are the location, the age of the home, and the style/method of construction.  Homes that are safe from both natural disasters and crimes are the most affordable to insure.  However, unless moving is an option, choosing a perfect location can be difficult to control.  Regardless of where you live, using the 5 tips below can help you save when purchasing a Homeowner’s Insurance policy.


1. Compare Homeowner’s Insurance Options

Similar to typical shopping, when searching for homeowners insurance a buyer will want to compare the most affordable policies from different insurers.  Using an independent agent is a good move because an independent agent will represent your interests when obtaining quotes for homeowners insurance policies from multiple providers. This saves you time because you can get multiple quotes at once instead of contacting each provider independently.  Remember, just because a friend of family member got the best rate on home insurance for their specific situation from one company, does not mean that the same company will be the most affordable for you.  All homeowners policies are based on unique circumstances and therefore underwritten independently.


2. Review Your Coverage

New Jersey Homeowner's Insurance PolicyBe sure to review what coverages are in your policy as well as the policy type.  Sometimes “affordable” can mean less coverage, which could result in falling short of the legal requirements for your mortgage.

An Ho-1 policy, for example, would only cover the home against the 10 listed perils (fire or lightning, smoke, ect) but would not provide homeowner liability coverage.  Homeowners liability insurance is what protects the homeowner should an accident occur which results in legal action.  Homeowners liability coverage is a requirement for most mortgages.


3. Use Safety Features

Having common safety features like deadbolts, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers can earn you discounts on your homeowners insurance.  Security systems may save you even more money based on your home security provider.

In the event your dwelling is in a disaster-prone location, research to see if you can make any precautionary improvements for safety.  Installing storm shades, storm-proof doors, storm resistant roofing, and shatter-proof windows can reduce coverage expense.


4. Ask Around Town

If you find searching for an affordable policy from a homeowner insurance provider in a high-risk area difficult, ask yourself this: “Who would have a risk profile that would be similar to mine?”  Your neighbors, that’s who!  Don’t be shy, ask your neighbors for a homeowners insurance recommendation, the may be able to steer you in the right direction.


5. Find Adequate Coverage But Avoid Over-Insuring

It is important to remember that the market value of your home includes the price of the home AND the market value of the property on which it is located. This distinction is essential because a homeowners insurance policy should only cover the cost of replacing the home itself. A typical homeowners policy does NOT need to insure the land the home was built on.  Avoid overpaying by choosing a homeowners insurance  policy that will cover the “replacement cost” of your home, instead of its full market value.


Do Your Research

Now that you have a better understanding of what to look for when searching for a Homeowners Insurance policy it is time to start shopping!  Are you currently in the market for homeowners insurance?

For more information on New Jersey homeowner’s insurance, contact one of the experts at Eastern Insurors today! As independent agents, we will offer numerous homeowners insurance options from multiple providers. We are pros when it comes to creating a fully customized and comprehensive New Jersey Homeowner’s Insurance policy.

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